Cloud VPS Features

With Avinx's advanced Cloud VPS infrastructure, we are able to offer features that were previously thought impossible with standard VPS services.

Automatic System Healing
If a host node goes offline, your resources on that server are taken over by another node, without interrupting your Cloud VPS instance's operations.
Large Selection of OS Templates
We have many operating system templates including many Linux distributions and Windows versions to choose from. You will almost always get the system that you want.
Control Panel Software
You are able to pick and install a variety of control panel software including cPanel, DirectAdmin, Webmin, and Parallels Plesk Panel 11. These control panels are installed automatically.
Instant System Scaling
Is your server getting a surge of traffic that it can't handle? You can seamlessly add on additional resources so that your new clients don't overload your server.

Technology That Empowers Avinx Cloud

Avinx powers its cloud with state of the art, modern technology to provide our customers with a fast, stable, and secure service.

Xen Virtualization
The Xen virtualization platform is one of the best virtualization platforms available. Xen allows us to fully virtualize your server and provide excellent stabilty and security.
SAN Redundant Storage
Our systems utilize a RAID array of 48 disks in a RAID 1+0 configuration. This means that your data is stored redundantly, protecting it from disk failure.

Network Connectivity and Uptime

Avinx uses a powerful network to provide our customers with a stable and reliable service.

Redundant Paths
Our network providers are configured in a redundant configuration. This means that if one of our networks were to fail, your traffic would be automatically routed through another of our networks, without causing any downtime on your end.
Powerful Network
Our network is powered by the nLayer network, which is a global IP transit provider with networks around the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia.

Compare with Regular VPS

Thanks to modern Cloud VPS technologies, a Cloud VPS is able to be much more scalable and reliable than a regular VPS.

Regular VPS
Avinx Cloud VPS
Scaling Interruption
Regular VPS services require an interruption of the instance in order to upgrade VPS resources. This means that your server will be offline for a period of time, which will cause your website or services to become unresponsive.
Instant Scaling
Cloud VPS services are able to be upgraded instantly, without interrupting your instance's processes. This means that you server is instantly able to handle more traffic without interrupting service to your clients.
System Downtime
If a regular VPS host node were to go offline, your VPS would go offline with it. Your clients would not be able to access your website or services until your host fixes the issue with the host node, which could leave your VPS offline for an unpredictable amount of time.
Process Redundancy
If a Cloud VPS host node goes offline, your Cloud VPS's resources are automatically assigned to another host node to run, meaning that the clients of your server never even know that a part of the Cloud system went offline.
Data Loss
If a regular VPS host doesn't set up your storage in a redundant disk array, your VPS would be at risk for data loss if a hard drive were to fail. You could lose all of your files and your server configuration, possibly costing you time and money.
Storage Redundancy
Our Cloud VPS infrastructure uses a redundant storage system, which is able to experience hard drive failiure without interruption. If a hard drive were to fail, it could be replaced and the array would be re-built without you or your clients noticing any service interruption.